Vickie MacArthur

   Writer, Spiritual Director,
   Yoga/Meditation Teacher

Writing by Vickie

A Lotus On Fire:  How A Buddhist Monk Ignited the Love In My Heart

Coming soon to a bookstore near you! A spiritual memoir of awakening to the love beyond culture and religion, through my experience with Thich Nhat Hanh and his Buddhist community.

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Thay in Disguise

The Mindfulness Bell, Winter/Spring 2019

“….the idea that I could be Thay in disguise made me smile. I think that Thay
would smile, too, and enjoy this practice. Instead of leading and being up front,
he could relax and blend into the Sangha.”

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A Love Letter to Those I Accompany

January 6, 2020
I write to you as one who has been meandering on this spiritual path of love for what seems like a very long time. Many people have crossed my path. We have walked together in circuitous ways of mutual giving and receiving, as if following the inner call of an ancient labyrinth, sometimes moving away from each other, sometimes coming back together, yet always following the whisper of our own heart’s wisdom.

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“Encountering God In The Desert”

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