Vickie MacArthur

   Writer, Spiritual Director,
   Yoga/Meditation Teacher

Writing by Vickie

Writer, Spiritual Director, Yoga/Meditation Teacher

I am a lifetime pilgrim on the spiritual path of every day life, rooted in my Christian, Buddhist and yoga communities, walking an inter-spiritual path that honors the depth of all traditions. My writing and teaching integrates embodied awareness, breath and spirituality to help bring a sense of healing and wholeness to all aspects of life.  I teach the “art of slowing down and listening deeply” to ourselves, to each other, to our planet, and to the Great Mystery that holds us all.   Living into my spiritual name, Divine Oneness of the Heart, I am working to build bridges between traditions, and by creating new kinds of spiritual communities, beyond the confines of religion. With an inter-spiritual heart that sees beyond the surface, I invite others into that intimate space of communion with  the wisdom and knowledge at the heart of all the great spiritual traditions, and beyond.

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Vickie's New Book

"A Lotus On Fire: How A Buddhist Monk Ignited the Love in My Heart"

A spiritual memoir of awakening to the love beyond culture and religion, through Vickie’s experience with Thich Nhat Hanh and his Buddhist community.

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Vickie’s first online public reading from “A Lotus On Fire”

Spiritual Direction and Companioning

“I want to touch you deeply, beneath the surface where our real stories lie.”
Richard Wagamese

To be a good writer, one must know how to be a good listener. Spiritual Companioning is a practice of listening deeply to the stories of others, to bring a sense of healing and wholeness to our busy fragmented lives. Vickie offers the gift of deep listening and presence to help others connect to their own inner knowing as they remember and re-write the stories of their lives.

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