Vickie MacArthur

   Writer, Spiritual Director,
   Yoga/Meditation Teacher


A Buddhist Life Podcast

Listen to this uplifting conversation between Vickie and Roland Ikuta from the Buddhist Temple of Southern Alberta, about yoga and meditation, inter spirituality, Thich Nhat Hanh and Plum Village, and Vickie's upcoming book "A Lotus On Fire".

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Root to the Earth Meditation

June, 2022: In this month's "Awakening Meditation" practice, Vickie teaches a guided meditation to stay grounded during difficult times, so we can respond from an open and compassionate heart.

Plum Village Mini-Retreat

May 19, 2021: Peace In Ourself, Peace in the World Vickie shares pictures and memories of Plum Village Monastery in France, along with readings from her upcoming book.

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June 12, 2021: Satsang: Singing Into Silence Listen and sing along with Doug and Vickie as they share songs from different spiritual traditions.

Lethbridge InterFaith Network

March 6, 2021: "Watch Vickie as she speaks about prayer and meditation from both a Christian and Buddhist perspective at the Lethbridge Interfaith Network's online event to celebrate the Worldwide Day of Prayer.  (Vickie's talk starts at 25 minutes)

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Author Reading on Awakening Spirituality

Jan 20, 2021: Vickie reads about her experience of awakening with Thich Nhat Hanh, from her upcoming book "Love Letters To My Teacher" This reading was part of an online workshop called "Spiritual Life Story Writing" with Susan Scott ( Vickie's editor and writing mentor.
Vickie is a member of the leadership team, and a frequent guest on

Yoga Nidra

Feb 4, 2021:  Learn about and experience the relaxing practice of Yoga Nidra with Vickie

Awakening Spirituality

January, 2021 podcast:  Listen to Vickie as she shares about how Yoga Nidra helped her through her mother's cancer diagnosis and death.

Vickie is a Co-Organizer and frequent guest on “An Afternoon of Nurturing Spirit”

How To Breathe During A Pandemic

Jan/21:  How To Breathe During A Pandemic

Mini-Retreat and Tour of Plum Village

Dec/20: Mini-Retreat and Tour of Plum Village


August/20: Satsang: Singing Into Silence

Healing Path Yoga

July/20: Healing Path Yoga and Meditation for Chronic Pain